Club Trips

Each year we plan many different trips. Some are just day trips (we try to have as many of these on the weekends as possible).

We have four or five big trips away each year:

The Donegal Trip

Donegal Moto:
Never put off until Saturday night, what you can do on Friday night, because if you try it, and you like it, you can do it again on Saturday night !
For all the first years this is the weekend that changes college forever!
Every October/November, the club takes a trip up north, for a bit of messing, a lot of drinking and some wanton self destruction. There's alcohol, dancing, caffeine robots, bleary eyes and sometimes a bit of kayaking!

NUIGKC Donegal 2017 by Henry Brown

The Kayak Intervarsites

This is the Weekend trip where we do battle with all the other colleges around Ireland. Sounds serious, Its not. Best craic ever.

Varsities 2018 at UCD by James Murphy

The Lahinch Trip

We usually go to lanhinch more than once a year, but in mid to late march we have a weekend trip. Last year we spent one night camping and then stayed in a hostel the following night.

It was nuts - many brain cells were killed

The Alps Trip

Every year or two. the club travels to the Italian and French Alps - sometimes making a quick stop in Slovenia.

NUIG Kayak Club Alps 2017 by Luke Whelan

The "Other" Trip

In previous years, the club has also gone on trips to Wales, Scotland and Nottingham. Many members also make it to the Alps, Canada, Africa and England kayaking each summer.

The Kerry trip

The Old Way

One cannot fully convey the Kerry experience on paper. Ask any past member (aka. OFB's) about it, and watch them rave endlessly on about it.
Just remember the Kerry motto: It wasn't me

No more details for legal reasons

The New Way

These days the club meets up with the other university kayak clubs at new years, for mad partying, great kayaking, and a bit of playful stealing.

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