River Gauges!

Thankfully some of the rivers around Ireland have water level gauges. This takes out a lot of guess work and almost eliminates the age old question that every kayaker asks- "Do you think Tuam/Boluisce/Glens/other badass rivers are up?"

Cathal Kelly has made this wonderful spreadsheet that pulls all the data from the gauges, as well as Oranmore and the Corrib Rapids. Full credit to Cathal Kelly.

Here are links to some of the club's 'go-to' spots around the country as well as some useful links to hunt down other rivers that aren't on the list.

Irish water level A website to all the current gauges around Ireland
River Spy A website built around paddlers using waterlevel.ie's gauges and noting popular rivers around Ireland

Water Level Link Water Level Week Water Level Two Days
Aaslegh Falls

Galway high/low tide times - if there is data here:
  • Beware of hitting your head on the bridge for high tides
  • Oranmore/Clifden could be up for high tides
  • Rapids may be up for low tides

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