Polo would be very similar to water polo except you're in a kayak...and a have a paddle! Polo is a great way to really bring in the team aspect of kayaking as it's the only discipline you can really compete in and work together as a team. Objective of the game is simple- Score in a hanging net on the other team's side of the pitch and avoid being scored against. To avoid being scored against it's the goalie's job to hold his paddle up high and bat down the incoming ball. During the week in the evenings we get the kingfisher pool to ourselves, this will be the perfect time to try out polo. Make sure to keep your eye on the forum and signup when pool sessions start as their limited in places! During the year we hold polo leagues and even invite down our friends at gmit castlebar, or sometimes even make the journey down to UL for some games at their pool for all different skill abilities! Here is a video to demonstrate what polo is all about

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