Getting Started

Clubs Day

The best way to join the club is to come along on Clubs Day.
This is where you'll get to meet some of the club members and get all the relevant information about sessions and parties! Clubs' Day takes place during freshers fortnight and the club's stand is set up in the Kingfisher Sports Complex.

What if I miss Clubs' Day?

If you miss this day, get in touch with any of the Committee and they'll tell you everything you need to know. They can be contacted by Private Messaging (PM) on the forum, or their contact details are available on the Committee Page. Alternatively, fire us a message on our Facebook Page:

What Then?

Once you've joined, get paddling! During the first few weeks of the first and second terms, sessions are run on the canal beside the clubhouse. The timetable is on our home page and forum and come along to as may as you like!

If you want to keep up to date on whats happening in the club make sure to like our Facebook page and keep an eye on our forum as the committee will post any important information about trips and stuff there. The forum is also where posts about parties and other social gatherings happen!

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