The NUIGKC Paddlers Checklist

Do you have what it takes to call yourself a NUIG paddler? You might be a promising beginner or a seasoned paddler, take our quiz and see how you get on!

Section A.

Have you:

  1. Skipped lectures to make a session?
  2. Started a training regime and given up within a week?
  3. Realised the hard way why the shit chute is so named?
  4. Scored in Donegal?
  5. Scored a Committee member in Donegal?
  6. Been attacked by a swan(s)?
  7. Stood in line for a roll in Wards in full gear?
  8. Found the hidden lakes while you were supposed to be studying in March?
  9. Been on Corrib Canoe course?
  10. Made a dick of yourself in front of a woman/man.
  11. Put women/men and beer before boating.
  12. Crib crawled
  13. Taken your significant other paddling.
  14. Vowed never to take your significant other paddling again.
  15. Swam the Lower.
  16. Conquered the Lower!
  17. Paddled the Bunduff waterfall with a hangover?
  18. Dislocated your shoulder.
  19. Hung around with a lad just cos he has a car and roof rack
  20. Ran the Top drop of the Boluisce
  21. Had some gear borrowed by Artur?
  22. Successfully scared some passers by with a 'canal sneeze'?

Section B.

Have you:

  1. Been on time to club events?
  2. Chosen a beverage instead of a bottle of B?
  3. Moaned about the rain?
  4. Chose to swim instead of swig in donegal?
  5. Failed to finish a swim bootie?
  6. Chose college over paddling?
  7. Trained in any way shape or form?
  8. Considered rowing as a fun alternative?
  9. Called a paddle an "oar" ?
  10. Found the phrase "party holing" repulsive and wrong?

Drum roll please.....

If you have answered YES to the majority of section A and NO to the majority of section B - Congratulations you truly are an NUIG paddler!

(Note): Section A.Q4 & Q5 are compulsory. If you answered no to either get in touch with a committee member ASAP! ;)

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